Aircraft Maintenance (CAR145)


Approval No. is UAE.GCAA 145.0029.

FujAA maintenance Engineering objective is to provide the highest level of quality standard maintenance with a complement of engineers, technicians, hangar, tools and ground support equipment to be an authentic maintenance setup. In additional, we have other suitable approved CAR 145 maintenance contractors. Our engineers are highly professionals to service, maintain, inspect, test and undertaken of airframe, engine (including propeller & rotor), electrical system, components and accessories on aircraft (such as Cessna 172 R/S, Cessna 208, Diamond DA 40, Diamond DA 42 & Robinson R44II).

Furthermore, we have a fully equipped avionic maintenance shop & battery shop that are dedicated in supporting our fleet and our customers. These shops contain servicing device, capacity device and all materials which are needed to include charging, capacity check and all necessary facilities for the maintenance of battery in the battery shop. Also we are authorized to test, repair, and overhaul Slick Magnetos in the avionic shop.

For more information please contact:
Director of Maintenance / CAMO Manager
Tel: +971 9 202 1061