Integrated Air Transport Pilot (A)  

The aim of the ATP(A) Integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the CPL(A)/IR Multi and single engine airplane. It will give the student a sound knowledge of single and multi-engine aeroplane VFR/IFR operations as a single pilot before completing an MCC course as initial preparation for entry into a first officer position with an airline.

DA40 or C172 Glass Cockpit Aircraft, with Garmin G1000 equipped for Single Engine phase and Diamond DA42 Glass Cockpit Aircraft, with Garmin G1000 equipped for Multi Engine phase.

The course is scheduled over 98 working weeks divided between ground school and flight school as following:
Phase 1: Weeks 1 to 30 Theoretical Knowledge Instruction in ground school (840hrs) including fourteen
Internal and GCAA Exams in the following subject:

1- General Navigation
2- Instruments
3- Flight Planning
4- Meteorology
5- Mass & Balance
6- Human Performance & Limitations
7- VFR Communications
8- IFR Communications
9- Radio Navigation
10- Aircraft General Knowledge
11- Aviation Law
12-Operational Procedures
13- Principles of Flight
14- Performance

Phase 2: Weeks 31 to 96 Flight Instruction in flight school as following:
- Flight Training 139 hrs and 45 minutes Single Engine
- Flight Training 17 hours Multi Engine
- Synthetic Flight Training 35 hours FNPT II

Phase 3: Weeks 97 to 98 Multi Crew Co-operation Training (MCC)
a- Theoretical Knowledge Instruction (25hrs)
b- Flight training (20hrs) on FNPTII ( ALX.26.METJ “ EFIS” Generic JET simulator )

68.5 hours of the total flight training will be Instrument flight time (IFR) on the aircraft.
‘Instrument flight time’
means the time during which a pilot is controlling an aircraft in flight solely by reference to instruments. The movement of aircraft on the ground will not be included in the 68.5hrs instrument flight and there will be an extra charge for the additional hours.

1. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.
2. A Class 1 GCAA Medical Certificate.
3. Applicants must have one of the following levels at English language:-
a- Minimum 4.5 in IELETS( in each skill level)
b- Minimum of 60% in TOEFEL
c- Minimum of 60% at FujAA exam center.
4- Applicant must pass basic mathematics and physics exam at FujAA exam center by 50% for each one.
4. Have a minimum educational qualification equivalent to the General Certificate of Education with passes in five subjects at O level. Subjects passed should include English, Math and Physics.

The duration of the course is approximately 98 weeks

AED 363,000/- (AED Three Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand Only)
The Fees are exclusive of UAE-VAT which will be charged additionally

1. All Books and Training Materials.
2. Theoretical Knowledge (840hrs).
3. Flight Training (191 hrs and 45 minutes).
4. Multi Crew Co-operation Training
c- Theoretical Knowledge Instructions (25hrs)
d- Practical Instruction and Flight Training (20hrs)
5. Uniform – 4 sets
6. GCAA exam fees (one attempt for each subject)

1. First installment of AED 23,000 is to be paid prior to course start date.
2. The remaining amount AED 340,000 will be paid in seventeen equal installment of AED 20,000 in the succeeding months (17X20,000)

1. The costs stated above are minimum rates and it may vary depending upon each individual’s capability of learning. The duration of the course also depends upon the attendance of the student, weather conditions and the various maintenance requirements for the aircraft.
2. All Payments are Non Refundable.


1. GCAA Medical Examination Certificate.
2. GCAA Licenses Application.
3. Skill Test Flying Hours.
4. ELP Test.
5. Designated Examiners’ for Skill Tests.
6. GCAA exam fees for any failed subject.
7. Internal exams for failed subject beyond two attempts.

The following rates apply only if you required additional training.

  • Extra S/E Flight Training Fees AED 1,200 per hour.
  • Extra M/E Flight Training Fees AED 2,100 per hour.
  • Extra FNPTII Flight Training Fees AED 600 per hour.

The Fees are exclusive of UAE-VAT which will be charged additionally

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