General Terms and Conditions

1. All courses are offered on the dates and times set up by the academy discretion, subject to demand and to places available.
2. An agreed deposit reserves a place in the assigned course and is non-refundable.
3. Acceptance of a student on a scheduled course does not automatically signify acceptance for subsequent courses of ground or flight training. An agreed deposit must be made to reserve a place on each course.
4. In the event of increases in the cost of fuel, the Academy reserves the right to levy a supplementary charge equivalent pro-rata to the hourly consumption for the anticipated flying hours remaining.
5. All costs and course fees are correct at the date of current literature, but may be subject to change at short notice. The Academy reserves the right to withdraw any published courses prior to commencement.
6. Students must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner at all times, and agree to obey the rules and regulations of the Fujairah Aviation Academy, its staff and instructors and comply with the Operations Manual and the Flying Order Book as updated or varied from time to time, which shall be incorporated into, and form part of, these conditions.
7. Any student found cheating during examinations will immediately be suspended from course for a period of one year and their training records will be reviewed.
8. Punctuality must be maintained and any absences, for whatever reason, must be reported, explained and supported by a medical certificate if requested by Fujairah Aviation Academy. The academy will not be responsible to complete the course if the students fail to do so and any studies missed through absence must be made good by the student in his/her own time through private study or as directed by the instructional staff.
9. Students on the course of training must wear the uniform provided, at all times.
10. Whilst it is the intention for all students to complete their training within the specified time, no guarantees will be given that such will be the case and Fujairah Aviation Academy cannot accept liability for delays caused by circumstances beyond their control.
11. Any training required in excess of the minimum hours in each phase as stated in the Proposal of Costs, will be charged at the then current prevailing rates. Any additional attempts at Theoretical Knowledge Examinations and/or Flight Tests will be charged at the prevailing rates.
12. Fujairah Aviation Academy reserves the right to terminate a student's training for failure to comply with Fujairah Aviation Academy regulations, failure to achieve an adequate standard, or for any other reason connected with the student's performance.
13. Students must pass all in-house and General Civil Aviation Authority examinations (Written and Flight) in maximum 3 attempts. Failure to do so will automatically result in termination.
14. Should any fees remaining unpaid after the date on which they fall due whether demanded or not, the Academy will be entitled to suspend the student's training immediately and remove any discounts.
15. Upon the termination of a student's training by the Academy or the student, for whatever reason, the balance of all outstanding fees for the whole of the training course in respect of that student shall become immediately due and owing. However, the Academy may, in its sole discretion, refund part of the fees up to a maximum of the costs not expended by the Academy by reason of the student's non-completion.
16. Any student found absent for a period of 03 months without FujAA written acceptance, their name will be removed from students listing and nothing will be claimable.