About FujAA


Fujairah Aviation Academy formerly known as Fujairah Aviation Centre was originally founded in 1986 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saleh Mohammed Hamad Al Sharqi. As one of the school first student and still a keen pilot himself, Sheik Saleh continues to promote and support interest and knowledge of the Aviation Industry to aspiring pilots.

Fujairah itself enjoys an outstanding climate coupled with its own airport facilities, allowing unequalled access and operational conditions for flight training. Over the past thirty years FujAA has provided professional aviation education for students requiring the Private Pilot License and the Commercial Pilots License.

All of FujAA flight courses are approved by the UAE GCAA, which will result in the issue of a UAE licence upon the successful completion. As the UAE is a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Licences issued by the UAE could be converted to the licences of other ICAO states, subject to their civil aviation regulations.

With the emergence of the United Arab Emirates as a world class business centre bringing innovation, expertise and technology to the region; FujAA has expanded to include 147 training organization for maintenance engineering training for most of the categories such as A1, B1 and B2 which are approved under the GCAA and EASA.


Why Fujairah Aviation Academy?


Because it is the ideal place for training and the following are some of its advantages:


No waiting for taxi clearance, no holding or orbiting.
Unrestricted takeoffs and landings.
Assigned training areas.
Open seven days a week.
Excellent weather most of the year.
Airfield is equipped with NDB/VOR/DME/ILS and Radar navigation facilities.
Air Traffic Control available 24 hours.
Quiet environment is conducive to learning.
Accommodation and food are inexpensive.
Expert instructors.
Friendly environment.
Adequate workshops and hangar.
Good chance for the practical training.