Policies and Regulations

As a student at Fujairah Aviation Academy, you will be provided with a well-rounded and comprehensive training plus the benefit of authentic industry experience. So no matter where you want your future in aviation to lead, you will be well prepared.

As a well reputation as professional organization, Fujairah Aviation Academy is keen to follow strict policies and regulations to ensure professional delivery on a constant high standard graduates for future pilots.

All students are expected to pursue the following guidelines of the school policy:

Discipline: Is the first and most important requirement from any of our students to provide excellent and accurate educational flow specially because our team of professionals are highly disciplined and devoted to their hight standard level of professionalism. Respect to all other students and pilots is a must.

On Time: All students are strictly required to respect time management as it will be a sensitive matter in all flight operations procedure. When a student is booked a flight he will be sent a confirmation message to his personal mobile, hence, he is likely to be on time for his flight as required, and any change or cancellation from the student's side should be informed as soon as possible to maintain the best use of our schedule.

Uniform: Is mandatory at all times, as students are provided with a standard full uniform, they are required to wear it at all times.