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IT SPECIALIST (PHP Full Stack Developer/ IT Support)


•Designing, developing, enhancing, optimizing and maintaining the following systems: Fujairah Aviation Academy Website & System, Student Information System, Examination System and English Language Proficiency Test System
•Ensure smooth operations of web processes and infrastructure
•Modify Fujairah Aviation Academy’s software from time to time as per the company’s need
•Produce results effectively and within the deadlines set
•Prepare and maintain all applications utilizing standard development tools
•Meet with internal teams to gather requirements and develop software solutions
•Support all departments regarding the software when needed
•Provide technical support to all departments, troubleshooting issues, and resolving technical problems with regards to computers, printers, scanners, smart board, iPads, network, switches, server, Microsoft email, and Linux sharing folder
•iPad and pen setup and installation


•BS/MS in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or a similar relevant field
•Previous working experience as a PHP MySQL Full Stack Developer for 3+ years
•Additional previous work experience in Technical Support
•Strong knowledge of PHP coding and web-based applications
•User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
•Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system
•Familiarity with limitations of PHP as a platform and its workarounds
•Proficient in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery
•Excellent relational database skills with MySQL and MSSQL
•Able to study, understand, decipher and reconstruct PHP coding
•Creating and consuming APIs to integrate with multiple systems.
•Optimizing application performance, scalability and improving user experience.
•Performing code reviews and conducting thorough testing to identify and fix bugs or issues.
•Understanding of responsive design frameworks such as bootstrap
•Good understanding of website integration and software creation
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Able to follow clear instructions according to demands and to work under pressure
•Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
•Creative ability to produce effective solutions to problems.
•Implementing security measures to protect the application from vulnerabilities.
•Providing technical support to all departments, troubleshooting issues, and resolving technical problems.
•Performing regular backups and implementing disaster recovery plans.
•Documenting code, processes, and application for future reference and collaboration.





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