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Certified Engineer - Cessna 172, DA40 and DA42


1.Dismantling, inspecting, testing, repairing, and reassembling aircraft engines.
2.Testing communication, aircraft, and electronic instruments and systems as relevant to the Approved License and category.
3.Disassembling and assembling aircraft frames and engines.
4.Undertaking routine maintenance checks.
5.Release aircraft after maintenance using CRS form.
6.Responsible for the AME for the quality of work performed.
7.Conducting routine preflight inspections of engines and mechanical systems and aircraft.
8.Carry out the work orders.
9.Keeping detailed records of all maintenance work.
10.Ordering parts and supplies, as needed in coordination with planning.
11.Upholding all safety and security procedures and GCAA regulations.
12.Familiar with hand and metal tools and display good physical dexterity.
13.Detail-oriented and have strong analytical skills
14.Responsibility for the safety of aircraft, equipment and co-workers.
15.Adhere to standard procedures and to establish the prevailing procedures.
16.Carry our required line maintenance.


As aircraft maintenance engineer, you should possess an in-depth working knowledge of aircraft frames and the related mechanical parts. You should also be able to work well under pressure and have excellent time management skills. Must Hold an AMEL issued by a contracting state regulatory authority.





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