Career Opportunities

Theoretical Knowledge Instructor


1. Teach a range of GCAA Theoretical knowledge subjects for Pilot Training up to ATPL as per CAR FCL Syllabus
2. Prepare and update course materials in accordance with the CAR FCL syllabus
3. Assist Chief Theoretical knowledge Instructor (CTKI) in designing, preparing schedules, examination question bank and other duties entrusted by the CTKI
4. Prepare, invigilate and assess appropriate Theoretical Knowledge exams
5. Monitor and report on trainee progress
6. Advise CTKI on training relates issues pertaining to students
7. Provide guidance and support to individual trainees
8. Maintain accurate course training records
9. Maintain student discipline in the ground school


Hold a CPL or higher grade license with an ELP Level 6 with the ability to teach the following subjects:-

1) Aircraft General Knowledge
2) General Navigation
3) Flight Planning & Monitoring
4) Operational procedures
5) IFR Communication/Air Law



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