License Conversion (A) (H)

Fujairah aviation academy conversion courses to the GCAA type licences. We aim to provide the most up to date information, but please check with the appropriate regulatory authority for the latest and most current regulations for your conversion. In order to convert to any GCAA License you must meet the experience as per CAR part II for the issue of the licence you are applying for, and you must complete the following:

1. Flight and ground training as required to prepare you for air law knowledge test with a score of 75% or better. This test is administered at GCAA facility and you must successfully complete oral and a practical test, which will be given as a final exam by an GCAA inspector or a designated examiner
       a. Theory - 4 hours of ground school
       Includes training in our NEW Glass Cockpit G1000!
       b. Flight - 10 hours of flight training for PPL and 8 hours of flight training plus 4 hours FNPT II for CPL/ATPL
2. Valid foreign Medical Certificate and Licence.
3. Minimum 18 years of age for a CPL and 21 years for an ATPL .
4. Meet the experience requirement of the CAR part II for the issuance of PPL/CPL/ATPL.
5. Letter from approved school / operator.
6. All student required by law to get Security clearance prior to commencing flight training in the U.A.E (Fujairah Aviation Academy will apply for your security clearance when all your documents with course application fee received .)
7. Personal interview with the Fujairah Aviation Academy enrollment committee and he/she must demonstrate excellent flying skills, thorough knowledge of the academic subjects

Upon completion of the above steps you will be issued with a GCAA Pilots Licence.
For more information please check the brochures below:

Flight Instructor(A) Conversion
CPL/ IR ME (A) Conversion (Flight Only) LC ATPL & CPL & PPL (A) Exams Only
LC ATPL & CPL & PPL (H) Exams Only
LC PPL (A) with and without IR
LC CPL (A) SE with and without IR
LC ATPL & CPL & PPL (A) Exams Only
CPL (H) Conversion
PPL (H) Conversion

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