Qualified Military Pilot Training - CPL/IR (A)

UAE & GCC Military and Police Pilots, who have attained and satisfied the criteria for Qualified Military Pilots (QMP), are eligible to apply for the Commercial Pilot Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) License

Diamond DA42 Glass Cockpit Aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000.

The course is scheduled over 10 working weeks divided between theoretical knowledge instructions and flight training as follow:

Phase 1: 1-7 Weeks theoretical knowledge instructions (159hrs) including 14 internal and GCAA exams for the following subjects:
1- General Navigation
2- Instruments
3- Flight Planning
4- Meteorology
5- Mass & Balance
6- Human Performance & Limitations
7- VFR Communications
8- IFR Communications
9- Radio Navigation
10- Aircraft General Knowledge
11- Aviation Law
12- Operational Procedures
13- Principles of Flight
14- Performance

Phase 2: Weeks 8 to 10 Flight training on Multi Engine aircraft: Total of 19hrs:-
       a - 15hrs of dual instructional
       b - 4hrs for two skill tests.

A rated Military/Police Pilot CPL/IR, who has been on active or non-active flying status within the past 12 months before applying must:
1. Valid GCAA Medical Certificate.
2. Have successfully completed a course of Military Ground Training and Flying Training.
3. Possess a minimum of 500 total Flying hours, of which the Flying experience recorded. During Military/Police Flying Training must fulfill the following;
       a. 100 Flying hours must be Pilot In Command hours.
       b. 20 Flying hours must be Cross‐Country under Instruction.
       c. 10 Flying hours must be Instrument under Instruction or for Instrument Rating,
       d. 40Flying hours of Instrument under Instruction.
       e. 5 Flying hours at Night.
Note: In the event of any deficiency or shortage in meeting the above flying experience requirements, the applicant is required to gain the additional flying experience at any of the GCAA approved flying schools before attempting the abridged course.

They will be required to provide the following details to the GCAA Licensing Department before they can be allowed to join a QMP Course with a GCAA Approved Flying Training Organization in the UAE:
1. A certificate from the GCC State Military Authority/Police Authority and/or the State CAA certifies the qualifications of the applicant. Any such letter shall be required to be endorsed by the UAE Embassy in the GCC Country.
2. Certification of the flying experience by the foreign Military/Police Authority
3. No Objection Certificate from the concerned Military/Police Authority .
4. A Certificate from the Military/Police Authority proofs that the applicant was not removed from the military service based on a disciplinary action.
Note : The above requirements shall have to be endorsed by the U.A.E. Embassy in the GCC Country.

The duration of the course is approximately 10 weeks

AED 53,000/- (AED Fifty Three Thousand Only) ,The Fees are exclusive of UAE-VAT which will be charged additionally.

c. All Books and Training Materials.
d. Theoretical Knowledge
e. Multi Engine Flight Training of 19hrs (15hrs are dual Instructional and 4hrs are skill test)
f. Two Skill Test Flying Hours

g. Uniform – 2 sets.

h. GCAA exam fees (one attempt for each subject)

1. First installment of AED 18,000 is to be paid prior to course start date.
2. Second installment of AED 20,000 is to be paid prior to flight training.
3. Third installment of AED 15,000 is to be paid after completing 10 hrs flying.
a. The costs stated above are minimum rates and it may vary depending upon each individual’s capability of learning. The duration of the course also depends upon the attendance of the student, weather conditions and the various maintenance requirements for the aircraft.
b. All Payments are Non Refundable.

1. GCAA Medical Examination Certificate.
2. GCAA Licenses Application.
3. ELP Test.
4. Designated Examiners’ for Skill Tests.
5. GCAA exam fees for any failed exam.
6. Internal Exams for The Failed Subject Beyond Two Attempts.

The following rates apply only if you required additional training.

  • Extra Multi Engine Flight Training Fees AED 2,100 per hour.
  • Extra FNPTII Flight Training Fees AED. 600 per hour.
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